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InterLock kit selection 
How do I choose the correct kit?
While using the InterLock kit is easy, care must be taken to order the correct kit for your panel board. There are two ways to do this; check the brand name and main breaker amperage of your panel and then match (we have pictures of every model to help make sure you have the right one) that information in our chart to the correct InterLock kit; or take pictures of your panel and e-mail them to us along with the information from your electrical panel and let us choose the right kit for you. If you cannot find the information label then look for the name of your manufacturer on the front of the panel cover or on the door of the panel cover. If you cannot find all the information that you need to make the correct selection you can e-mail us the information you do have (we will need at least the manufacturer and the size of the utility (main) throw breaker) and a picture of your panel. Due to the number of different panels out there you may not be able to find your specific model. Contact us with your panel dimensions and information and we can custom build one to fit your panel if we can’t find one from another InterLock kit that will fit it. Below is a list of panels set-up by manufacturer. Click on the link to view pictures of the panel board. If you have 2 panels this does not mean that you need a significantly larger generator. This is generally done only so that you will have the breaker spaces available to feed a larger home. You will however need 2 InterLock kits. The installer can then parallel the feed from the generator to both panels through the InterLock kit.
Kit Selection
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